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Our Services

Family Mediation Lothian provides:

A telephone based information and signposting service for parents and the wider community of the Lothians on all issues relating to separation/divorce

• An intake service designed to enable separating/divorced parents to make an informed choice as to whether to use our services and/or those provided by others. All clients must attend an intake appointment before using any FML services.

Child focused mediation services designed to allow parents to communicate with each other, reduce conflict, resolve difficulties and negotiate on issues connected with the physical and emotional health and well being of their children.

Child Contact Centre services, offering supported contact in a neutral and welcoming venue where children can meet and spend time with their non-resident parent and/or extended family members. These Centres can also be used as a safe, neutral pick-up/drop-off point for children and their parents. Contact Centres are seen as providing a relatively short-term solution, the aim being to work towards families making their own contact arrangements when safe to do so. The Contact Centres operate in Leith, Granton, Viewforth, Musselburgh, Whitburn and Livingston.

Supervised Child Contact Services designed to facilitate contact between children and a non-resident parent in circumstances where (for child protection and/or other reasons) this needs to take place in the presence of a supervisor.

Parenting Apart is a three hour group for parents going through separation which covers:-

Children’s Groups which offer children from separating/divorced families an opportunity to share their experiences, learn from each other about managing difficult situations and to discuss any worries or concerns they may have.

Our values are exemplified in all the work that we do:

Child and Client Centred: parents and children deserve respect – they know their own situation best. FML services harness people’s innate resourcefulness, resilience and ability to solve problems.

Fairness and Accessibility: FML services are given regardless of people’s social or economic circumstances, location, ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, marital status, language, family circumstances or disability.

Quality: FML aims to achieve excellence in all aspects of the service provided to families. Advice, Support, Mediation and Contact Centres are provided by well-trained, accredited professionals.

Understanding Conflict: FML believes that conflict is a fact of life for families under stress or in transition. Conflict can provide an opportunity for growth, change and learning. FML helps people to acquire the skills needed to handle conflict effectively; thereby laying the foundation for more stable families and a more stable society.

• FML Services are confidential, impartial, non-judgemental and independent.