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Family Mediation Service

Family Mediation offers parents and other family members a safe and structured way of communicating with each other. Mediation is voluntary, child-focused and aims to empower parents to come to agreements that suit their particular situation.

Those experiencing family changes, separation and divorce will often have to face unexpected, seemingly impossible problems. Where children are involved, their interests remain at the forefront of the mediation process. We will seek to help parents reach agreements that suit their situation and allow all the family members to carry on their lives with the minimum of upset and disruption.

A trained, impartial Mediator helps family members to communicate more effectively and to make their own arrangements for the future, particularly for children. Family Mediation can benefit families by minimising conflict, improving family life and helping to avoid long, painful and expensive legal battles. Family Mediation supports parents, children and the wider family through a period of family change, particularly where this has occurred as a result of separation, divorce or family restructuring.

Family Mediation Lothian provides mediation services for grandparents, young people, and other members of the extended family (Intergenerational Mediation) as well as for Step Families and new partners.

The following venues may also be used for mediation sessions:
George Street, Edinburgh
Dr Bells Family Centre, Leith
Viewforth Family Centre, Edinburgh
Granton Family Centre, Edinburgh
Whitburn Resource centre

Mediation appointments are normally available in Edinburgh within these times –
9.30 – 4.30 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
9.30 – 1.00 Fridays
– and flexibly arranged between Mediators and clients on Saturdays and Sundays.