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About Us

This service is the first step clients take to using some or all of our services. We listen to clients’ needs and aim to be clear about how we can help and the benefits of what we do. We aim to provide a service which is welcoming, friendly and non judgemental, which gives accurate information to enable clients to make more informed choices about their needs.

When clients get in touch with Family Mediation Lothian, we listen.

From the first contact, we’ll arrange an initial meeting with one of our intake workers as quickly as possible, usually within three to four weeks. It can be conducted by telephone or face to face in our Edinburgh office. An Intake meeting appointment lasts about 45 minutes and sessions are available Monday to Friday.

Our Intake workers provide clients with the opportunity to discuss the issues arising for them as a result of separation or divorce, to learn about family mediation and other FML services, and to help them make an informed decision as to whether family mediation and/or the use of FML’s other services is for them.

For people going through difficult, sometimes traumatic experiences, it’s essential that their voice is heard and understood and that they trust the person they are confiding in.

This may be the first time they’ve been able to talk about what is troubling them to anyone outside their immediate circle. It’s important to know they can do so and be sure of confidentiality, unless there are concerns about child safety.

Our staff has the necessary training and experience to take much of the anxiety and doubt out of that first meeting and focus on what needs to be done to enable the client – and their family – to move forward.

With all the information available, it is then up to the client to decide if they think we can help them.

Only when they decide to use the service will we get in touch with their ex-partner. Even then, there is no obligation to meet or have direct contact. We never pass any information about one partner to another without specific permission.

We know how important it is that everyone involved in this process feels safe.

All clients must attend an intake appointment before using any of FML services.